Music Fun Time (ages 3-6)


Music FunTime is different than the typical preschool music play group where children sing and dance to music with their parents. If a child can learn their letters, numbers, shapes, animals, etc., why can’t they learn to read music?


Music FunTime is an innovative new program based on the Johns-Hopkins research which has proven the magical connection between math and music. Through structured, progressive curriculum involving crafts, worksheets, colorful music teaching tools, games, instruments, singing, and very small group class instruction, children learn how to read music notation, rhythm, symbols, key signatures, and much more in a fun and exciting new way. All students are given individual attention and the curriculum is adjusted every 5 minutes to accommodate the attention spans of young children. You can learn more about this nationally recognized program on the official Music FunTime website:!

Watch Your Child Develop

Musical Crafts

Special "musical crafts" lessons teach children music theory in a fun, artistic way.  Kids Love it!

Music Theory

We will teach your child to read music in the same manner they are taught letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc.  We have created an array of colorful music teaching tools and worksheets that teach rhythm, pitch, notation, symbols and key signatures.

Musical Instruments

Students through out the course will be introduced to a variety of instruments.  All students are introduced to piano, guitar, percussion, violin, bells,and flutophones.

Live Performances (Recitals)